Best Town Hall 9 Base Layouts Anti Everything

There is a saying that goes like, All don't think same. But the thing is some players want a single base design to defend opponents in war and multi players that's where building a hybrid best town hall 9 base comes into picture. In this article we did the same, just have a look at these awesome town hall 9 base layouts

I have used this base design like for 3 months which worked out very well and I loved it. The best things to look at in this base design is. The defense units along with storages are evenly distributed in all the compartments along the base layout. So by this you can assume that if an opponent attacks from any side of the layout we can guarantee that there is little possibility attacker can take the entire gold and elixir that is present in the layout design. I every time put my concentration in the core because that where we place the important things like town hall and dark elixir storage. The unfinished building in the central core compartment is bomb tower. The x-bows are well placed that cover entire base on right and left, I recommend you to keep them in both mode (air and ground) because these it getting quite common to face both ground and air attacks.

This one of the ring type layout design. Although this has been designed to overcome specific type of attacks but when we tested it, it performed well against major type of attacks. There is a high concentration of defense units in the core compartment which is a sign which we look when we want good base designs. The town hall is protected by four tesla units along with x-bows and archer queen guarding the center. Better thing about this layout design is the location of air defense that are correctly placed in middle compartment which are backed by air sweeper units.